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Management Services

Our team understands the Rogue Valley’s unique market. We know how to market and maintain a property, and we know what it takes to elevate your income and reduce your expenses. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment property.

Management Services

The Ashland Property Management team is here to help you leverage your investments to their fullest extent. We can help by offering tenant placement services, full management of your properties, and everything in between.

  • Property Assessment: Before we even list your home, we’ll do a thorough assessment and recommend any necessary repairs or improvements that will make your property more appealing to the best tenants.
  • Listing and Marketing: We use effective property photos, online advertising, our own website, and our connections within the Rogue Valley community to attract potential tenants. We’re also available for showings and prepared to answer any questions prospective renters have about your property.
  • Tenant Screening: We screen for credit, criminal history, employment history and eviction backgrounds. We want to ensure we only hand over the keys to tenants who follow the terms of the lease and take good care of a home.
  • Lease Preparation: We make sure the lease is written to protect you and your property, while outlining the expectations and responsibilities of your tenant. All of this also is in strict adherence to Oregon and Federal landlord, tenant laws.
  • Maintenance Management: Should something need fixing on your property we will make sure that the problem is handled efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.
  • Financial Reporting: Expect owner statements that are accurate, detailed, and transparent. You’ll see all of the income and expenses associated with your property, and you’ll be able to access this information any time you need it. At the end of the year, we’ll provide 1099s for easy tax reporting.
  • Eviction Coverage: When Ashland Property Management is responsible for placing your tenants, evictions are rare. But, sometimes, these things do happen. In these cases, we’ll work diligently to make sure the eviction is handled professionally, correctly, and in as little time as possible.

The Ashland Property Management team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our homeowners. To learn more about our management services, or to discuss the specific needs of your property, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to providing you exceptional property management services.